Sushi Haru – Calgary

Sushi Haru is located in Airdrie (ten minutes north of Calgary), next to a pet shop in a strip mall at the northern end of main street – on the McKenzie Towne side of 52 Ave – an unassuming spot that is not difficult to find. It is primarily Japanese (sashimi, nigiri, california rolls, chicken teriyaki), although there are some Korean items on the menu. Price-wise it is approximately $1 per small item.

Unlike most sushi restaurants, the servings are large. Decor has been described as Ikea and also ugly/plain. But it has a pleasant ambience.

Chowtown: Sushi Haru surprised us with it’s quality and the overall experience.

Julestopia: The ambience and decor suits a date night very well and the food is fabulous.

Hungry Canadian: The over all flavor was fantastic one the best sushi places in Alberta!

Calgary Foodies: What makes Sushi Haru different than a mainstream sushi joint is attention to detail.

It is also the #1 rated restaurant for Calgary at UrbanSpoon. Reviews say things like:

  • Overall, very tasty food, and friendly service.
  • Food was excellent, price is also fair!
  • I’ve tried many Japanese restaurants in Canada, France, Germany,… and this is definitely the best ever!
  • The rolls are loosely rolled, the fish is not fresh, one of the rolls was deep fried.
  • The tempura batter was way too thick and heavy. What small amount of sushi I had was satisfactory, but uninspiring.

Quick summary: bad location, friendly staff, pleasant un-sophisticated decor, large portions, competent cooking – not gourmet – but pleases most people.